A cooling vest designed for use by medical personnel in hospitals.

How to use

How to use

In general, the QRCOOL vest is ready for use within a few minutes.

  • Let water run evenly over the front and back sides of the padded area of the QRCOOL vest until all areas darken. Or immerse the padded area for 1-2 seconds in a sink full of water. Only briefly immerse and immediately remove the vest from the sink.
  • Remove the excess water through light pressure. Do not wring! Wrap the QRCOOL vest in a towel, paper towel or similar material and press firmly.
  • Briefly air dry. The cooling vest is now ready for use.

After following the activation instructions, the inner and outer side of the QRCOOL vest is dry.

  • Wear the QRCOOL vest on top of your T-Shirt or underwear.
  • Put the sterile OR coat or other special clothing on top of the QRCOOL vest.

The „Softcooling” of the vest feels comfortable and dry to wear. After 20-30 minutes you may have the feeling that the cooling effect has decreased, but this is because the body has adjusted to the temperature. To check the cooling effect, simply take off the cooling vest for 5 minutes and start wearing it again.

Depending of the quantity of water activation, the QRCOOL vest can cool over a period of 6-8 hours. If a longer cooling period is necessary, simply re-activate the vest within 5 minutes.